The Young At Arts Dance Academy

The Young At Arts Dance Academy (YAA) is a 31-year-old establishment that thrives on creating a positive and uplifting environment for all dancers. YAA has a variety of programs suitable for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or are training towards a career in dance, our teachers can help you find a program that fits both your level and your aspirations in dance.

The YAA offers a high standard of dance education for students ages 4 - 18 and dancers of every level.  Classes are designed to promote proper dance technique, personal development, fitness, flexibility, musicality and joy of movement.  At The Young at Arts, we want to encourage the student’s love of dance and their self-confidence by providing a supportive environment for them to learn.  Our classes ensure a positive learning environment where students can focus on technique and development of self-confidence.  We strive for excellence while offering a fun and encouraging environment.

Students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves as they participate in at least 3 competitions and multiple recitals throughout the year.

At the Young at Arts, we believe in community involvement and enjoy performing throughout the Lower Mainland at schools, seniors' centres, parades and festivals.  Every summer, our students have the opportunity to perform at the PNE!

Every other year, our students have the opportunity to travel to Disneyland to participate in Disneyland Magic Music Days!  This program offers youth the opportunity, based on audition, to perform at Disneyland, as well as participate in workshops with Disney professionals.  While at Disneyland, we do 2 performances and 3 workshops, with time in between to enjoy the fun of Disneyland together.   We also take our dancers to The Edge, L.A.'s renowned dance centre, to take classes with leading professionals! This November, many of our dancers will be headed to Disneyland to participate in Dance the Magic Holiday Spectacular Parades!


One of our YAA parents anonymously submitted this wonderful poem about the studio!



Like a wave it flows from the studio in excited chatter, sharing laughter and smiles in the brief moments between groups.

It watches transfixed through the studio window, eyes wide with visions of flawless performances, and unable to resist, dances right along.

It sweeps among the dancers with ease and aplomb, directing and molding eager bodies into a synergistic unit, confident their protégés will bring to life a vision only they can see.

It models costumes with glee and regales family and friends with treasured dance memories.

It dances from dining room to bedroom amidst homework reminders, spinning and leaping down halls and through kitchens, breaking into spontaneous tap just because.

'It' is a love for dance that began as a spark, carefully coaxed and groomed through choreographed expression into a passionate fire. With every correction, it is honed; with every positive affirmation, reinforced. With every smile and laugh and cheer, it grows in their hearts and feeds their souls.

A passion born of a vibrant, supportive environment where confidence in one's self is created and free to flourish; where dancers learn it is okay to dream big and go for it, even if they stumble. Where they are guided with respect and honesty while discovering the rewards that come with working hard, having fun and committing to giving their all, every time, all the time.

We hear it in their voices when they speak of their dance routines. We feel it in their excitement for just coming to class. We see it in their faces when they perfect a move they have been practicing for weeks.

And we swell with pride as we watch it through tearing eyes from the darkened seats of the auditorium. Hearts pounding, barely able to breathe, we live and die with every line change and formation, muscles tensing as part of us dances along, erupting in joy as the final pose is struck and the music fades.

Some joined The Young At Arts with dreams of Broadway performances; others merely wanted an outlet for an abundance of energy. Being able to learn from positive, encouraging role models that they admire and look up to was more than we could have asked for; amazing people they can grow to emulate, a blessing.

Yet we struggle to find ways that fully convey our appreciation for what dance has come to mean. We give gifts as tokens of our esteem and offer to help where we can. We smile and say thank you when we can't find the words that articulate how we feel. We smile and say thank you, honoured to be part of The Young At Arts’ family.

                                                                                                              ~ Anonymous ~