These are the foundational classes upon which all other dance styles are built.  Young dancers should build a foundation in these three styles before moving on to explore our other programs.


BALLET - The root of all dance - In order to create strong, technical and dynamic dancers, ballet is an absolute must. Ballet is the foundation of all dance.  Correct body alignment, flexibility, and physical coordination will be stressed, producing strong, clean dancers enhanced by artistic expressiveness.  It is recommended that ALL dancers study ballet and build a foundation in this foremost core dance style before moving on to study stylized disciplines. For students ages 5+ 



TAP - Rhythm, Precision, Musicality - Great fun for young and old.  Tap is an exciting form of dance in which dancers wear special shoes equipped with metal taps. Tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats.  Precise steps in rhythmic unison give students an opportunity to follow exact instruction and add their own personal flare.  Set to a variety of music: oldies, show tunes and modern pop, your child will obtain confidence, coordination and an appreciation for this classic and well loved dance form.  Dancers wishing to pursue Broadway style dance should first establish a foundation in tap.  For students ages 6+



JAZZ - Free-spirited, lively and fun! - Jazz is quick, controlled movement that displays technique and expression, and promotes endurance and flexibility.  Jazz dance technique is based on the basics of the old ballet tradition.  To excel in jazz dance, the dancer must also master ballet technique.  In jazz dancing, the movements are big and exaggerated and there is usually an attitude the dancer conveys to the audience.  The essence of jazz dance is entertainment to the people, a form of dancing which is easy to understand for anyone seeing it.  Dancers wishing to pursue hip hop, Broadway, lyrical or contemporary should first establish a foundation in jazz technique.  For students ages 6+



These classes are designed to supplement your performance classes by building your basic technique, strength, endurance and flexibility through repetition and routine.


CONDITIONING - Core, Balance, Extensions, and Splits - Even the best sense of rhythm, the most careful technical training and the most astute dance intuition are not enough to make a dancer truly excel; you also need strength, balance and flexibility to execute the movements with power and grace.  For the first half of each class we will focus on muscle toning and conditioning in the areas required for strong dancing and the effective execution of turns and leaps.  In the second half of each class, we will work on flexibility, taking advantage of our warmed-up muscles for maximum benefit.  We will use a combination of Yoga, Pilates, and barre stretching to work our bodies to their full potential.  This program is open to all dancers 11+.


Spins & Leaps

SPINS & LEAPS - Need we say more?  This class is open to all dancers ages 8 and up.  It will focus on Jazz technique for turns and progressions.  You will learn to jump higher, turn faster and most importantly, acquire the proper technique to do so correctly.


Acro Technique

ACRO - Strength, flexibility, endurance, and agility - This class will offer our dancers the opportunity to learn tumbling and contortions that can cross over into other disciplines.  Acro is a blend of acrobatics and gymnastics, connected through dance technique.  Students will learn many tricks, including tumbling skills, contortions and balances. This class is availale for dancers ages 7+.


These classes can be added to a dancer's schedule once a foundation in the core styles and technique classes is established.

Song & Dance

SONG & DANCE - The art of performing - In this class, our dancers will learn to sing, dance, act, and above all, perform.  Students will learn how to belt out show tunes in key and perform basic choreography taken from jazz, tap and ballet. The focus of this class is to learn to be comfortable and have fun on stage.  Dancers wishing to pursue Song & Dance must also be training in Jazz, Tap & Ballet.  This classs is avaialbe for students ages 8+.


Musical Theatre

MUSICAL THEATRE - a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, acting and dance.  In Musical Theatre, songs are lip synched; story and emotion are communicated through music and movement.  Students will perform basic choreography taken from jazz, tap and ballet.  Dancers wishing to pursue Musical Theatre must also be training in Jazz, Tap and Ballet.  For students ages 10+.


Hip Hop

HIP HOP - Everyone can groove! - This discipline uses all the latest music to keep the students movin' and groovin'.  Its funky modern moves have fast made it a favorite of teens.  Popping, locking, house, street jazz, and breakin’ are all classified as Hip Hop.  All music that is selected is age appropriate.  For students ages 6+.



LYRICAL - Beautiful and expressive - This creative dance form stems from jazz and ballet. In this class, dancers will use the modern movement and style of jazz, the strength, control and graceful movement of ballet.  Lyrical dancers take on the role of an actor and tell a story through technique and emotion.  When dancing lyrical, emotions and technique go hand in hand.  Students wishing to take Lyrical will be required to also take jazz and 2 Ballet classes.  For students ages 9+.



CONTEMPORARY - Also known as Contemporary Ballet - This dance form is a combination of modern movement blended together with ballet technique.  This style of dance can vary greatly depending on the choreographer; sometimes the feeling will be similar to modern jazz and sometimes more like lyrical/ballet.  Students wishing to take Contemporary will be required to also take jazz, lyrical and 2 ballet classes. For students ages 13+.



MODERN - Inverted Ballet -  This style of dance stems from ballet technique while using alterations such as contractions and flexed feet to express a mood.  It allows the dancer to work with other elements of their body, such as free movement.  Modern dance often uses awkward looking movements and “dreamlike” emotions to convey the choreographer’s unique story.  Students wishing to take Modern will be required to also take jazz, lyrical and 2 ballet classes. For students ages 14+