Conditioning for dance improves technique and performance in all dance forms by strengthening the body’s core (abdominal and back muscles), while improving coordination, balance, and alignment, as well as optimizing flexibility. The result is deeper pliés, higher jumps with less effort, tighter turns and improved extension and turnout.

This class of dance-specific exercises will help you execute key dance skills better as you strengthen the muscles you use in dance.  By working the muscles through movements and ranges of motion that approximate the demands of your chosen dance form, you directly enrich your performance capabilities.  As you strengthen the body’s core, stretch to gain just the right amount of flexibility, and incorporate the power of the mind, you unleash your full artistic and physical potential.

The class focuses on cardiovascular exercises to warm up the muscles: then works on specific stretches to increase flexibility for movements required in dance and incorporates strength training movements to develop a stronger, less injury prone dancer.  This program is open to all dancers 10+.