Exam Information

Cecchetti Society of Canada Ballet Exams 

What are Cecchetti Ballet Exams?  What are the benefits?

The Cecchetti Society of Canada offers exams:

These exams are a challenge of technical level, artistic ability and knowledge retention. The examiners have been professional dancers who have taught, or currently teach, at some of the most prestigious ballet academies in North America.  The Young at Arts hosts the ballet exams on site in our studios.  The examiner, who will be traveling from within North America, will evaluate and grade the student on their technical execution of the exercises, musicality and performance. A certificate and report is then given to the student.

A student successfully completing these exams gets a sense of pride and accomplishment, having attained a high standard of excellence in this art form. It also creates more confidence in his/her abilities while allowing them to be critiqued by those who do not know them. At the higher levels of this work, a student can also receive fine arts credits, that can be used towards graduation.

We feel that the degree of technical difficulty in the Cecchetti Ballet Exams is very high.  We are pleased that the students have the opportunity to be challenged and to work to these high standards.


Does everyone take Cecchetti Ballet exams?

As the students advance through the grades, the work becomes increasingly more difficult and technically demanding, while the examiners become less forgiving. A dedicated and focused student may have the desire to take the exam, but their individual skill level and physical ability may prevent them from passing the exam successfully. This does not mean that the student does not have the ability to progress; it simply means they require more time to work on the required levels set out by the Cecchetti Society of Canada.

The students who are given the opportunity to take these exams, must show a keen work ethic, dedication toward the syllabus, proper execution of the Cecchetti style, understanding and knowledge of vocabulary and theory, as well as strong technical ability. Students who are very focused on learning and continued improvement, have the opportunity to achieve higher levels according to their individual talents. 

The choice to recommend a student for an exam is based on the teacher’s discretion/knowledge and the following requirements:

1.      the student’s technical abilities
2.      knowledge and memory of the required work
3.      ability to take and make corrections
4.      appropriate behavior in class
5.      strong work ethic in weekly classes
6.      understanding and demonstration of exercises with correct timing and rhythm
7.      ability to show the Cecchetti style correctly in relation to the set work

The following factors are also taken into consideration when recommending students for an exam:

1.      number of classes missed due to non-medical reasons
2.      not being prepared for class
3.      level of difficulty of the exam

At The Young at Arts, we want to encourage the student’s love of dance and their self-confidence by providing a supportive environment for them to learn. The syllabus work can be a positive experience, as well as a successful one, for all of our students regardless of exam eligibility.