Triple Threat Troopers

Triple Threat classes commence September 21, 2019!

The Young at Arts is excited to offer our Triple Threat Program.  Classes are available for students aged 3 through 13.  Triple Threat is designed for young dancers who cannot decide which discipline to follow or for dancers who just want to try it all!  This year long program will consist of three semesters, each ending with an on-stage performance for families and friends, in a beautiful theatre.  Students will be given a foundation in Ballet, Jazz and Tap.  

The first semester will focus on Ballet, which is the root of all dance. Grace, poise, imagination and creativity will be taught.  Students will learn a creative, classical routine to be performed at our winter recital.

The second semester moves the focus to Jazz.  Students will build on the basics, picking up the tempo and learning a funky, fun jazz dance for our spring recital.

The final semester will focus on the musicality and coordination of Tap.  Students will put their fancy feet in motion to precise steps in rhythmic unison for our Grand Finale at the year-end recital.


TTT 2.0 Grades 1-7
The Triple Threat 2.0 program gives students who have participated in at least one year of TTT (2 years for Grade 1 students) a chance to take it further without moving into the Intensive Program. This class will explore traditional Ballet, Jazz and Tap as well as Lyrical, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre!  The 2.0 classes are scheduled back-to-back with the traditional class - so the dancers will only be required to come once a week making things easier on your family schedule!  Dancers will be with the same group for their traditional TTT class and their TTT 2.0 class allowing for equal development within the group. Each group will have two different styles of dance to perform in each of our three recitals throughout the year!

Our first semester will focus on Ballet and Hiphop.

The second semester moves the focus to Jazz and Broadway.

In the third semester, we finish the year off with Tap and Lyrical.


As Ballet is the technical heart of all dance we want to encourage our dancers to build a strong foundation in this discipline before moving forward into our Competitive Program. This will give students an understanding of what Intensive dance will be like as well as provide the foundational tools they will need to be successful should they choose to move forward into our competitive program in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions


Triple Threat Class Schedule:

All ages are as of December 31, 2019


Triple Threat Fees


All TRIPLE THREAT fees have been bundled for even monthly billing.  Instead of paying separate admin, photo, DVD and costume fees, they are now included in 12 even monthly payments from July 2019 through June 2020!



  •  Triple Threat: $660 annually* ($55/Month over 12 months)
  •  Twinkle-Star Ballet: $600 annually* ($50/Month over 12 months)
  •  Triple Threat 2.0: $1200 annually*  ($100/month over 12 months)
  •  Triple Threat AND Ballet: $1200 annually* ($100/Month over 12 months)
  •  Triple Threat 2.0 AND Ballet: $1740 annually* ($145/Month over 12 months)

TRIPLE THREAT LATE REGISTRATION:  January - June 2020 $420 ($70/month over 6 months)

TRIPLE THREAT LATE REGISTRATION:  April - June 2020 $240 ($80/month over 3 months)

*Pay the full annual fee at the start of the year and receive a 5% discount  

 Your even monthly payment will be processed through your PAD Account.


- Annual tuition
- Student Administration Fee
- Costume rentals for all 3 recitals
- Memory Mate photo in Ballet costume
- Professional DVDs of all 3 recitals

All fees are non-refundable .  5% GST is now INCLUDED in the listed fees.


   ** view our triple threat wardrobe requirements here.     







TAP SHOES (to be purchased in March 2020): $15-$35

SKIRTS & SHORTS: $15-$25




If you have questions regarding our dance programs, please contact us at