Adult Dance Classes

Calling all Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties and Uncles…

It’s time to discover your inner dancer – no experience necessary!!

A chance for you to channel your inner ballerina! Being the root of all dance, ballet works to strengthen the core muscles of the body. This style promotes balance as well as improves flexibility and posture. It is not only physical exercise but is a mental workout as well – teaching basic anatomy and ballet positions of the body.

Making music with your feet! Tap class is a cardio-filled, mental and physical workout which promotes balance and builds strength in the legs, ankles and feet! This style improves cognitive abilities, teaches musicality and works to enhance the brain-to-foot connection!

Feel the muscles you didn’t even know you had! Unlike a high-energy, cardio-filled exercise class, Conditioning at YAA is a non-abrasive workout with specific exercises to target individual muscle groups, such as the glutes, abdominals, hamstrings, and more! You will learn basic anatomy and – if you’re really lucky - “Miss Stephanie’s Push Up and Plank Series”!

ADULT TRIPLE THREAT - Jazz, Hip Hop & Contemporary
Designed for those who want to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new! The Young at Arts is excited to offer our first (non-performance) Adult Triple Threat Class – which offers a fun and innovative exploration of Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary!  Each semester will bring a new style filled with fresh movement, co-ordination and style!



Monthly tuition will be charged September 2018 through June 2019:
One Class - $50
Two Classes - $90 ($45 each)
Three Classes - $120 ($40 each)
Four Classes - $140 ($35 each)
Five Classes - $150 ($30 each)
*5% GST will be charged on all tuition