Hello Dancers and Parents!

We are very excited at the interest we have had in the Half-Day Program so far and would like to share with you some of the questions, and our answers, that have been brought forward.  Please do not hesitate to email the office with any additional questions you may have!

Q.) Will we have to change schools?
A.) No, you would remain at your current school and make arrangements with the teacher(s) or councilor involved with the class(s) that you would be missing.

Q.) Will I receive academic credit for any of the work being done?
A.) Yes! If you chose to register for the BC Ministry of Education course equivalent, such as Dance 10 and Dance 10 Choreography. These courses are free and you would receive $100/course with up to $400/term to go towards your child's training. Your child would be assigned a qualified instructor that will touch base and ensure that the work is being done. We also would also submit forms on your behalf. 

Q.) Will there be additional expenses?
A.) Costume and competition fees would still be due for your competitive classes. However the tuition does cover all choreography classes. Should your child wish to take ballet exams, this would be an additional cost however these fees will be less for students enrolled in the Half Day Program!  There will be no need for the extra Saturday classes and Mock Exams can take place during Half-Day time eliminating those fees, therefore ballet exams will be significantly less expensive!

Q.)  Will the competitive classes take place directly following the Half-Day classes?
A.) This is very unlikely.  The dancers will need a rest after their technique classes from 1:30-3:30.  They will go home for dinner and homework and return for their competitive classes in the evenings once their bodies have had a chance to recover.

Q.) What if my daughter doesn't like pointe?
A.) Pointe classes, whether completed in pointe shoes or canvas ballet slippers are beneficial to all dancers. This is why even boys take pointe classes in soft shoes. Due to the fact that pointe classes work on alignment and strength of the feet and leg muscles, dancers who participate in pointe classes tend to have stronger jumps and pirouettes in their other disciplines.  

Q.) Can the program tuition be claimed on my income tax?
A.) $1500 of your yearly dance fees can be claimed on your income tax through the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and The Children’s Arts Tax Credit.  Should you choose to enroll in the BC Ministry of Education classes, an additional portion may be written off.

Q.)  What if my child is the only one from her current dance class registered?
A.) If your child is the only student of their level registered, we will assess their abilities and see if they will be able to advance to the level of the other dancers or if we need to adjust the program to suit their current abilities.  Either way we would be in contact with you regarding your options.

Q.) Are there scholarships available?
A.) Canadian Tire Kids Sport may be an option for additional funding depending on your annual income.

Q.) Is there any way to get help with rides?
A.) Miss Stephanie and Miss Sheena are willing to support parents and assist in any way they can in order to enable dancers to participate in this program. They are ready and willing to pick up students from school to bring them to the studio for the Half-Day Program. Maybe one day we can have an awesome pink school bus ;)

Thank you for all of your interest. We look forward to embarking in this new adventure with you.

Miss Meghann, Miss Stephanie and Miss Sheena