The Young At Arts provides quality, tasteful and reputable dance education in a positive, family oriented environment.  We strongly believe in the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child” and we endeavor to work cohesively with parents to raise confident, positive, community minded young people.  Our dance studio is a family, a sanctuary and a second home for your children.




We believe dance should teach life lessons and develop strong character.  We are building focused, passionate, community minded young people and strive to make our lessons transferable to all aspects of life.

We believe dance should develop self-confidence. Grace and poise are built from the inside out.

 We believe in teamwork, community and working together for a common goal. We support each other through highs and lows, always looking for opportunities to build each other up and offer our teammates a helping hand.

We believe dance should create strong minds and bodies. Our lessons are designed to achieve the highest potential through positive patterning and healthy habits.

We believe practice makes 'practically-perfect' and that it is okay to cry. It is unlikely a dancer will master the art of dance immediately; it will take many months, even years, of persistence and dedication to achieve technical goals. When learning anything new, frustrations and emotions are inevitable; it’s what you do with them that matters. It is okay to cry, but after you do, get back up and keep dancing!

We believe every young woman is a Princess and every young man is a Prince. Manners and etiquette are vital to any and every aspect of a young persons education and should be endorsed and demonstrated by their role models.

We believe winning is a bonus. Our true goal is to improve with every performance, to achieve our personal best and find fulfillment in the challenge. The other dancers, judges and results our out of our control – we can only control ourselves and what we take out of the experience. Competition results are not our primary focus and are secondary to individual improvements and confidence building.  Competitions are an important avenue of the dance experience but not what dance is all about.

We believe in building strong technical dancers.  We strive to create choreography that is appropriate for the dancers level and physical ability.

We believe in continuing the tradition and respect of the art of dance through disciplined dress and decorum. We do not subscribe to popular trends that are not healthy for the bodies and minds of our students

We believe children should be children. Dance class should be educational AND fun. We seek to create unique, age appropriate lesson plans and routines for our dancers.

We believe dance should be accessible to all those who have the passion. We aim to offer the highest level of dance education while keeping rates affordable.

We believe in safety.  Floating dance floors, supportive footwear, and anatomically sound technique to safely execute turns and jumps. Our dancers build adequate strength and placement before executing tricks or advanced technical choreography.

We believe every student should be valued and respected. We promote an environment free from judgement or exclusion for any reason.

We believe variety is the spice of life. We want our dancers to have a diversity of dance influences and inspirations, which is why we hire top-notch instructors and various guest choreographers.

We believe dancers are individuals and should be encouraged to find their personal style and strengths while exploring their inner 'crazy'. As Edwin Denby so aptly put it, “There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.”

We believe young people need to be shown positive outlets for their emotional energy. Through dance they will find healthy ways to process emotion and cope with stress.

We believe we should never stop learning and evolving. Just as we push our students to work and improve themselves both as dancers and as people, we endeavor to constantly improve as teachers and as a studio.