The 15/16 dance season may have just ended but preparations for the 2016-17 dance year are in full swing!

YAA is excited to have online registration available for new and returning recreational and TTT dancers! See what Fall 2016 classes would best suit your needs on our  Recreational   or   TTT   pages and register today!

We want you to arrive in your Fall dance classes fit and ready to go. To get you there, YAA is excited to bring you Summer with Stephanie & Sheena! and Ballet Bootcamp 2016. (See below for details)

And the fun doesn't stop there! If you wish to keep those toes tappin', by popular request we are excited to be able to offer summer tap technique classes with Miss Corinne! (See below for details)

With all the summer dance options on offer, there's something for everyone to enjoy! Even a thoughtful read about dance.

Summer Classes!

Miss Stephanie, Miss Sheena and Miss Corinne will be running technique classes over the summer to keep our dancers (and their parents ;o) in shape!

Purchase a “Summer Pass” and receive 6 classes for the price of 4!!



4:00-5:30   Junior Spins & Leaps and Stretch (Ages 9-12)           -$80 summer pass or $20 drop-in

4:30-5:30    SR Tap Technique  (Ages 13+)                                    -$60 summer pass or $15 drop-in

5:30-6:30    JR Tap Technique  (Ages 9-13)                                   -$60 summer pass or $15 drop-in

5:30-7:00   SR Ballet Tech (students 13+)                                     -$80 summer pass or $20 drop-in

7:00-8:15   SR Spins & Leaps and Stretch (students 13+)           -$80 summer pass or $20 drop-in


4:00-5:30   Junior Ballet Tech and Stretch (Ages 9-12)                 -$80 summer pass or $20 drop-in

5:30-6:30   Adult/beginner ballet (Ages 13+)                                 -$60 summer pass or $15 drop-in

6:30-7:30   Conditioning & Stretch (adults & students 11+)        -$60 summer pass or $15 drop-in

7:30-9:00   SR Ballet Tech (students 13+)                                      -$80 summer pass or $20 drop-in


Register for 2 passes and receive $10 off!

Register for 3 passes and receive $20 off!!

Classes will run from July 12th through August 16th


Register ONLINE today and we will add the summer pass charge to your PAD account.



Once again this year we will be running Ballet Bootcamp September 6-16thth, before regular classes begin.   Competitive and ballet students are highly encouraged to participate as this is an ideal opportunity to get a jump start on your dance year and be ready to tackle new challenges!  Please note this course is mandatory for all Esprit Dancers.

The classes will consist of several components:

Ballet Technique- will focus on the technical elements of ballet through the set exam work.

Ballet Conditioning – to work on upper body strength, turnout, core, jumps and turns.

Elements of Musical Improvisation and Musical Theory, as well as Technical Vocabulary and Theory will also be covered.

The work covered during the bootcamp will be a head start for year of dance! This course will get you physically in shape and mentally comprehending the work, therefore giving you the ability to concentrate on corrections and making improvements right from the start!

We encourage all competitive students to attend to help ease their transition back into their busy dance schedule after the summer off!

Bootcamp fees are as follows:

Twinkle, Sparkle, Glitter, Dazzle & Shine  - $75 (Approx 6 hours)

Jr Esprit, Glitz & Glamour - $105 (Approx 9 hours)

Sr Esprit & Diamond - $135 (Approx 12 hours)

Bootcamp fees will be charged through PAD accounts in July 2016.


Register ONLINE today and we will add the Ballet Bootcamp charge to your PAD account.


Summer Tap Technique


TUESDAY 4:30-5:30    SR Tap Technique  (Ages 13+)                  -$60 summer pass or $15 drop-in

TUESDAY 5:30-6:30    JR Tap Technique  (Ages 9-13)                  -$60 summer pass or $15 drop-in

Classes will run from July 12th through August 16th


Register ONLINE today and we will add the summer pass charge to your PAD account.

Registration for the Fall semester is now available!  Classes fill up quickly, so don't wait.

Classes begin Saturday, October 15, 2016!

Recreational dance classes run in 8-week semesters.  All dance students will have the opportunity to perform their choreographed dance routine in an on-stage recital at the end of term!

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Triple Threat is designed for young dancers who cannot decide which discipline to follow or for dancers who want to try it all! Students will be given a foundation in Ballet, Jazz and Tap.

Triple Threat classes available: 

  • Lil’ TTT for 3-5 years
  • Triple Threat Troopers for 6-9 years
  • Triple Threat Tweens for 10-13 years



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The Cecchetti method of ballet is a style of classical, theatrical dance based on the teachings of the great Italian Ballet Master, Enrico Cecchetti. Graded examinations are scheduled, and qualified examiners are provided for the students. The purpose of these examinations is to give teachers and students specific goals to work towards and to maintain standards of development consistent with international standards.

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The YAA Intensive Dance Program offers technique and competitive classes running from September through June. We offer a high standard of dance education for students ages 4 to 18 and dancers of every level.

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